Skin DNA takes the guess work out of skin care by using science to identify the most suitable skin ingredients and treatment modalities BASED ON YOUR DNA. In the revolutionary DNA laboratory they examine 16 genetic markers into 5 different categories associated with skin ageing

Firmness and elasticity
Sun damage
Free radical damage
Sensitivity and inflammation

Taking this one off test is extremely easy. A DNA therapist will collect a saliva sample from the inside of your check. The sample is then sent to Australia to be analysed but the accredited lab. within 4 weeks your results will be sent back to My Skin & Beauty and a follow consultation will be arranged to be discuss your results. 

Discover your scientifically selected skin care recommendation based on your very own genetic blue print.

Package includes initial consultation and saliva swab, follow up consultation, product and treatment recommendations. 

Our specialised DNA therapist at My Skin & Beauty is always available and can be contacted by phone or via email if you have any further question or enquires regarding the amazing DNA testing.